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No Experience? No Problem!
Five keys to breaking into a new career.

Networking? Make Them G.L.A.D. They Met You!
Follow up is key to good hidden job market search skills.

Degree-less and Doomed???
Use the hidden job market to find positions even if you do not have a college degree.

Three Reasons Your Job Search is Running Out of Steam
Job searches run out of steam for the lack of new job leads and played out networks. Here are some tips to re-energize a dead search.

The Illogical Game of Hide and Seek Jobs
Practical reasons employers hire without advertising openings and what it means to your job search.

Find the Job You Like Through People You Like.
Networking effectively in a job search means finding the types of people you would like to be working with. Not just the organizations you want to be working for.

Are You to Old to Hire?
Age bias in hiring needs to be managed carefully to be eliminated as a factor in your job search. Here are a few tips that miight help your job search.

Everyone Has a Great Story to Tell. What’s Yours?
In every interview and networking meeting the question is asked, "Tell me about yourself." Some people call this the "two-minute drill." Others, the "Professional Commercial." It is essential to any job search, particularly in the Hidden Job Market, that you have this story down cold. Here are some practical tips.

Another Broken Promise. Or, Were They Lying?
Sometimes networking contacts make promises to help you in your job search. Then they forget to follow through. Follow these tips to improve your results.

All the Right Networking in All the Wrong Places
Make networking count by sometimes avoiding networking events. Especially if they do not drive results for your job search.

Top 10 Careers
The year's hottest jobs are hiring in droves, paying well, and providing room to grow.

Registered Nurse $44,190-$95,130
Software Developer $54,360-$87,790
Pharmacist $82,090-$138,620
Medical Assistant $20,810-$40,190
Database Administrator $41,570-$115,660
Web Developer $43,190-$119,940
Computer Systems Analyst $48,360-$119,070
Physical Therapist $53,620-$107,920
Computer Programmer $40,820-$114,180
Occupational $48,920-$102,520